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Lessons:-The Finished Signup Form

  Signup Success

Having handled invalid form submissions, now it’s time to complete the signup form by actually saving a new user (if valid) to the database. First, we try to save the user; if the save succeeds, the user’s information gets written to the database automatically, and we then redirect the browser to show the user’s profile (together with a friendly greeting), as mocked up in Figure 7.19. If it fails, we simply fall back on the behavior developed in Section 7.3.



The Finished Signup Form

To complete a working signup form, we need to fill in the commented-out section in Listing 7.21 with the appropriate behavior. Currently, the test for valid submission should be failing:

$ bundle exec rspec spec/requests/user pages spec.rb  \
> -e  "signup with valid information"

This is because the default behavior for a Rails action is to render the corresponding view, but thereis not (nor should there be) a view template corresponding to the create action. Instead, we need to redirect to a different page, and it makes sense for that page to be the newly created user’s profile. Testing that the proper page gets rendered is left as an exercise (Section 7.6); the application code appears in Listing 7.25.



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