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Our original user doesn’t suffer from loneliness any more, but now we have the opposite problem: Our user has too many companions, and they all appear on the same page. Right now there are a hundred, which is already a reasonably large number, and on a real site it could be thousands. The solution is to paginate the users, so that (for example) only 30 show up on a page at any one time.

There areseveral pagination methods in Rails; we’ll use one of thesimplest and most robust, called will paginate. To useit, we need to include both the will paginate gem and bootstrap-will paginate, which configures will paginate to use Bootstrap’s pagination styles. The updated Gemfile appears in Listing 9.31.


             Figure 9.9 The user index page /users with 100 sample users.



Then run bundle install:

$  bundle  install


You should also restart the web server to insure that the new gems are loaded properly.

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