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Lessons:- Creating a User

  Creating a User

Now that the basic User model is complete, we’ll create a user in the database as preparation for making a page to show the user’s information in Section 7.1. This also gives us a chance to make the work from the previous sections feel more concrete; merely getting the test suite to pass may seem anti-climactic, and it will be gratifying to see an actual user record in the development database.

          Since we can’t yet sign up through the web—that’s the goal of Chapter 7—we’ll use the Rails console to create a new user by hand. In contrast to Section 6.1.3, in this section we’ll take care not to start in a sandbox, since this time the whole point is to save a record to the database:




To check that this worked, let’s look at the row in the development database (db/ development.sqlite3) using the SQLite Database Browser (Figure 6.6). Note that the columns correspond to the attributes of the data model defined in Figure 6.5.

             Returning to the console, we can see the effect of has_secure_password from Listing 6.30 by looking at the password_digest attribute:


>> user = User.find by email  ( "" )
>> user.password digest
=> "$2a$10$P9OnzpdCON80yuMVk3jGr.LMA16VwOExJgjlw0G4f21yZIMSH/xoy"


 This is the encrypted version of the password ("foobar") used to initialize the user object. We can also verify that the authenticate command is working by first using an invalid password and then a valid one:


>> user.authenticate  ( "invalid" )
=> false
>> user.authenticate  ( "foobar" )
=> #<User id: 1, name: "Michael Hartl", email: "",
created at: "2011-12-07 03:38:14", updated at: "2011-12-07 03:38:14",
password digest: "$2a$10$P9OnzpdCON80yuMVk3jGr.LMA16VwOExJgjlw0G4f21y...">


As required, authenticate returns false if the password is invalid and the user itself if the password is valid.

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