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C Programming first line


int main(){

printf("Hello World");


Explanation of program 


# => Preprocessor directive, this tells the preprocessor to do this, this line will process before compilation.

include => keyword, that tells the preprocessor to include that header file

<> => will search header file in current directories

stdio.h => stander input output header file 

Content of this header file => stdio.h contain pre define function declaration micro defination and file constants

printf() -> predefine function 

printf("Hello World ") -> function calling, this statment will call printf function and will print Hello World in Computer Screen.

C language has a preprocessor and compiler, preprocessor steps will perform before the compilation of the program. - beginner just memorize this later we will discuss this in details.

if this header file contains the declaration of predefine function then where does the definition of these predefine functions exist? 


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