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Cakephp 3.x with reactjs



Make sure you have Composer installed and configured.

  1. Check out this source code to cakephp-react (lowercase!)

    cd your-webroot-directory
    git clone cakephp-react
  2. Go to the backend directory

    cd cakephp-react
    cd backend
  3. Run composer install.

  4. Create a database with the following settings:

     'database' => 'my_app',
     'username' => 'my_app',
     'password' => 'secret',
  5. Read and edit config/app.php and setup the 'Datasources' and any other configuration relevant for your application.

  6. run the migration. This will create the database table.

       bin/cake migrations migrate


Test the backend with the CakePHP interface: http://localhost/cakephp-react/backend/comments


Test the frontend with the React interface http://localhost/cakephp-react/react/public

Anil  Bist

Skills    Cakephp

Qualifications :- High School - SLV, College/University - Graphic Era Deemed Univ University,
Location :-Dehradun,Dehradun,Uttarakhand,

I started my Professional Journey in 2006 with one of the Web Development Company in Bangalore and my 1st framework was "Ruby on Rail" as Web development and delivered around 5+ Projects using this platform. Then came another dimension as JEE/Sturst framework, Gradually I realized that I want to build something on my own and give my passion and energy on creating something different a


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