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Lessons:-History of the C language

C is a programming language which born at “AT & T’s Bell Laboratory” of USA in 1972.C was written by Dennis Ritchie, thats why he is also called as father of c programming language.C language was created for a specific purpose i.e designing the UNIX operating system (which is currently base of many UNIX based OS).From the beginning, C was intended to be useful to allow busy programmers to get things done because C is such a powerful, dominant and supple language,Its use quickly spread beyond Bell Labs in the late 70’s because of its long list of strong features

Features of C Language  
Low Level Language Support Program Portability
Powerful and Feature Rich Bit Manipulation
High Level Features Modular Programming
Efficient Use of Pointers


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Anil  Bist

Skills    C language

Qualifications :- High School - SLV, College/University - Graphic Era Deemed Univ University,
Location :-Dehradun,Dehradun,Uttarakhand,India

I started my Professional Journey in 2006 with one of the Web Development Company in Bangalore and my 1st framework was "Ruby on Rail" as Web development and delivered around 5+ Projects using this platform. Then came another dimension as JEE/Sturst framework, Gradually I realized that I want to build something on my own and give my passion and energy on creating something different a


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