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Lessons:-All AngularJS Directives
Directive Description
ng-app Defines the root element of an application.
ng-bind Binds the content of an HTML element to application data.
ng-bind-html Binds the innerHTML of an HTML element to application data, and also removes dangerous code from the HTML string.
ng-bind-template Specifies that the text content should be replaced with a template.
ng-blur Specifies a behavior on blur events.
ng-change Specifies an expression to evaluate when content is being changed by the user.
ng-checked Specifies if an element is checked or not.
ng-class Specifies CSS classes on HTML elements.
ng-class-even Same as ng-class, but will only take effect on even rows.
ng-class-odd Same as ng-class, but will only take effect on odd rows.
ng-click Specifies an expression to evaluate when an element is being clicked.
ng-cloak Prevents flickering when your application is being loaded.
ng-controller Defines the controller object for an application.
ng-copy Specifies a behavior on copy events.
ng-csp Changes the content security policy.
ng-cut Specifies a behavior on cut events.
ng-dblclick Specifies a behavior on double-click events.
ng-disabled Specifies if an element is disabled or not.
ng-focus Specifies a behavior on focus events.
ng-form Specifies an HTML form to inherit controls from.
ng-hide Hides or shows HTML elements.
ng-href Specifies a url for the <a> element.
ng-if Removes the HTML element if a condition is false.
ng-include Includes HTML in an application.
ng-init Defines initial values for an application.
ng-jq Specifies that the application must use a library, like jQuery.
ng-keydown Specifies a behavior on keydown events.
ng-keypress Specifies a behavior on keypress events.
ng-keyup Specifies a behavior on keyup events.
ng-list Converts text into a list (array).
ng-maxlength Specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in the input field.
ng-minlength Specifies the minimum number of characters allowed in the input field.
ng-model Binds the value of HTML controls to application data.
ng-model-options Specifies how updates in the model are done.
ng-mousedown Specifies a behavior on mousedown events.
ng-mouseenter Specifies a behavior on mouseenter events.
ng-mouseleave Specifies a behavior on mouseleave events.
ng-mousemove Specifies a behavior on mousemove events.
ng-mouseover Specifies a behavior on mouseover events.
ng-mouseup Specifies a behavior on mouseup events.
ng-non-bindable Specifies that no data binding can happen in this element, or its children.
ng-open Specifies the open attribute of an element.
ng-options Specifies <options> in a <select> list.
ng-paste Specifies a behavior on paste events.
ng-pluralize Specifies a message to display according to en-us localization rules.
ng-readonly Specifies the readonly attribute of an element.
ng-repeat Defines a template for each data in a collection.
ng-required Specifies the required attribute of an element.
ng-selected Specifies the selected attribute of an element.
ng-show Shows or hides HTML elements.
ng-src Specifies the src attribute for the <img> element.
ng-srcset Specifies the srcset attribute for the <img> element.
ng-style Specifies the style attribute for an element.
ng-submit Specifies expressions to run on onsubmit events.
ng-switch Specifies a condition that will be used to show/hide child elements.
ng-transclude Specifies a point to insert transcluded elements.

Specifies the value of an input element.

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