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Lessons:- Deploying to Production with SSL

  Deploying to Production with SSL

Having developed the User model and the signup functionality, now is a good time to deploy the sample application to production. (If you didn’t follow the setup steps in the


                      Figure 7.20 The results of a successful user signup, with flash message.


introduction to Chapter 3, you should go back and do them now.) As part of this, we will add Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)12 to the production application, thereby making signup secure. Since we’ll implement SSL site-wide, the sample application will also be secure during user signin (Chapter 8) and will also be immune to the session hijacking vulnerability (Section 8.2.2).

                 As preparation for the deployment, you should merge your changes into the master branch at this point:


$   git add .
$   git commit -m   "Finish user signup"
$   git checkout master
$   git merge sign-up



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