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Lessons:-Signup Error Messages

Signup Error Messages

Although not strictly necessary, it’s helpful to output error messages on failed signup to indicate the problems that prevented successful user registration. Rails provides just such messages based on the User model validations. For example, consider trying to save a user with an invalid email address and with a password that’s too short:


Here the errors.full_messages object (which we saw briefly in Section 6.2.2) contains an array of error messages.

             As in the console session above, the failed save in Listing 7.21 generates a list of error messages associated with the @user object. To display the messages in the browser, we’ll render an error-messages partial on the user new page, as shown in Listing 7.22. (Writing a test for the error messages first is a good idea and is left as an exercise; see Section 7.6.) It’s worth noting that this error messages partial is only a first attempt; the final version appears in Section 10.3.2.


Notice here that we render a partial called ’shared/error_messages’; this reflects the common Rails convention of using a dedicated shared/ directory for partials expected to be used in views across multiple controllers. (We’ll see this expectation fulfilled in Section 9.1.1.) This means that we have to create both the new app/views/shared directory and the _error_messages.html.erb partial file. The partial itself appears in Listing 7.23.



This partial introduces several new Rails and Ruby constructs, including two methods for Rails objects. The first method is count, which simply returns the number of errors:

>>  user .errors .count
=> 2
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