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Lessons:-Testing the User Show Page (with Factories)

Testing the User Show Page (with Factories)

Now that we have a minimal working profile, it’s time to start working on the version mocked up in Figure 7.1. As with the creation of static pages (Chapter 3) and the User model (Chapter 6), we’ll proceed using test-driven development.

Recall from Section 5.4.2 that we have elected to use integration tests for the pages associated with the Users resource. In the case of the signup page, our test first visits the signup_path and then checks for the right h1 and title tags, as seen in Listing 5.31 and reproduced in Listing 7.6. (Note that we’ve omitted the full_title helper from Section 5.3.4 since the full title is already adequately tested there.)


To test the user show page, we’ll need a User model object so that the code in the show action (Listing 7.5) has something to find:

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