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Starting from scratch, in this chapter we created a working User model with name, email, and various password attributes, together with validations enforcing several important constraints on their values. In addition, we can securely authenticate users using a given password. In previous versions of Rails, such a feat would have taken more than twice as much code, but because of the compact validates method and has_secure_password, we were able to build a complete User model in only ten source lines of code.

         In the next chapter, Chapter 7, we’ll make a working signup form to create new users, together with a page to display each user’s information. In Chapter 8, we’ll use the authentication machinery from Section 6.3 to let users sign into the site

If you’re using Git, now would be a good time to commit if you haven’t done so in a while:

$  git add .
$  git commit -m   "Make a basic User model (including secure passwords)"


Then merge back into the master branch:

$  git  checkout  master
$  git  merge  modeling -users
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