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Lessons:- User Signup: A First Step

 User Signup: A First Step


As a capstone to our work on the layout and routing, in this section we’ll make a route for the signup page, which will mean creating a second controller along the way. This is a first important step toward allowing users to register for our site; we’ll take the next step, modeling users, in Chapter 6, and we’ll finish the job in Chapter 7.


Users Controller

It’s been a whilesince we created our first controller, the StaticPages controller, way back in Section 3.1.2. It’s time to create a second one, the Users controller. As before, we’ll use generate to makethesimplest controller that meets our present needs, namely, one with a stub signup page for new users. Following the conventional REST architecture favored by Rails, we’ll call the action for new users new and pass it as an argument to generate controller to create it automatically (Listing 5.28).


Listing 5.28 Generating a Users controller (with a new action).




This creates a Users controller with a new action (Listing 5.29) and a stub user view (Listing 5.30).





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