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Lessons:- Method Definitions

Method Definitions

The console allows us to define methods the same way we did with the home action from Listing 3.6 or the full_title helper from Listing 4.2. (Defining methods in the console is a bit cumbersome, and ordinarily you would use a file, but it’s convenient for demonstration purposes.) For example, let’s define a function string_message that takes a single argument and returns a message based on whether the argument is empty or not:


Note that Ruby functions have an implicit return, meaning they return the last statement evaluated—in this case, one of the two message strings, depending on whether the method’s argument string is empty or not. Ruby also has an explicit return option; the following function is equivalent to the one above:

>> def  string message  (string)
>>    return "It's an empty string!"   if string.empty?
>>    return "The string is nonempty."
>> end

     The alert reader might notice at this point that the second return here is actually unnecessary—being the last expression in the function, the string "The string is nonempty." will be returned regardless of the return keyword, but using return in both places has a pleasing symmetry to it.



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