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Lessons:- Eliminating Duplication with Layouts

  Eliminating Duplication with Layouts

Now that we’ve replaced the variable part of the page titles with ERb, each of our pages looks something like this:


In other words, all our pages are identical in structure, including the contents of the title tag, with the sole exception of the material inside the body tag. 

In order to factor out this common structure, Rails comes with a special layout file called application.html.erb, which we renamed in Section 3.3.1 and which we’ll
now restore:

$ mv foobar app/views/layouts/application.html.erb


To get the layout to work, we have to replace the default title with the Embedded Ruby from the examples above: 

<title> Ruby on Rails Tutorial Sample App | <%=  yield ( :title ) %> </title>


The resulting layout appears in Listing 3.25.

Listing 3.25 The sample application site layout.


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