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Lessons:-Core Libraries

Core Libraries
CakePHP comes with a plethora of built-in functions and classes. These classes and functions try to cover
some of the most common features required in web applications.
General Purpose
General purpose libraries are available and reused in many places across CakePHP.
General Purpose
Global Constants and Functions
While most of your day-to-day work in CakePHP will be utilizing core classes and methods, CakePHP
features a number of global convenience functions that may come in handy. Many of these functions are
for use with CakePHP classes (loading model or component classes), but many others make working with
arrays or strings a little easier.
We’ll also cover some of the constants available in CakePHP applications. Using these constants will help
make upgrades more smooth, but are also convenient ways to point to certain files or directories in your
CakePHP application.
Global Functions
Here are CakePHP’s globally available functions. Most of them are just convenience wrappers for other
CakePHP functionality, such as debugging and translating content.
__(string $string_id[, $formatArgs ])
This function handles localization in CakePHP applications. The $string_id identifies the ID for
a translation. Strings used for translations are treated as format strings for sprintf(). You can
supply additional arguments to replace placeholders in your string:



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