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It’s true, you got me. Laravel may not be a language, but it doesn’t need to be. We love PHP,
come on, let’s be honest, we put up with its ugliness, we enjoy typing all those brackets and semicolons.
Laravel simply adds the short-cuts, or a code disguise on top to make the experience so
much sweeter.
I think that the pleasure of working from the framework is brought on by its expressive methods
which are consistent throughout the framework. Str::upper() Try to tell me you don’t know
what this does, try to tell me it doesn’t make sense.
I can’t.
Yep, I thought so. Well I could jabber on all day about everything that makes Laravel wonderful.
Let’s see, there’s Eloquent, the best ORM I have ever seen. It was what first brought me to the
The option of using closures to route, but only if you want to. I think they look great!
Not having to load libraries before using them, yes.. you heard me right. You will see this in
action later.
No there are far too many wonderful features to explain here, I think it would be best if we dived
in and started learning, after all.. if you spent your money on this instead of mind numbing juice,
you must already have had your interests peaked by the framework right? Onwards!


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